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About us / Urban Art Australia 


Our artist's design, plan and paint mural, street and graffiti art projects across Australia.

We are a collective of talented artists, dedicated to providing high-quality custom mural artworks. 

Hand-painted for interiors and exteriors for both commercial and domestic spaces.


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We believe in the rejuvenating quality of art and the impact it leaves on spaces and places. 

Urban Art Australia is an artist lead collective, committed to making art accessible to everyone.


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We know that exceptional design, high quality materials and a relentless work ethic are the key ingredients for  delivering as stand out service to our clients. Want to hear from the people? Take a read through the countless 5 star Google reviews we have received and let's let people do the talking.


We are not an agency connecting you with artists, we are the artists. 

You are not dealing with the middlemen you are collaborating directly with Australias leading street artists. 

Our artists have worked for years to develop their talents and now we share that with the world.


Our passion is street art and delivering a high level of artistic service to our clients and collaborators. 

We are ready and waiting to take on your project.

Contact us today for a free quote delivered in 24 hours or less.

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We have had our feet in the creative industry for almost 30 years and as a result, our practice has matured from a passion to our full-time focus. With aerosol paint as our chosen medium, we have dedicated our efforts to perfecting our skills and defining our own limits as artists.


Our studio is based in Sydney with street artists that have extended their artistic reach far beyond the city. To date, we have executed over 150 Street Art projects across Australia and contributed to the global street art scene with murals painted in locations such as Vietnam, Thailand, and India. 


Our artists are all self-taught and were raised by the graffiti culture that surrounded both Melbourne and Sydney. The streets are in our blood and have made us who we are today and we are stronger for it. Together our artists shine a positive light on graffiti art as a respected medium and are working to close the gap between our practice and the people. 


Our aim is to make the task of commissioning an artist an easy one. We act as the creative hand ready to fine tune the ideas of our clients to create a work of art we are all proud to be a part of. We enjoy experimenting with different styles, spaces and subject matter to keep us on our feet, creating another driving force for our artistic abilities. There is no limit to what we can do, no goal too large. We find a way to make it happen. 


Our creative process is simple. We chat with our clients to understand their vision and produce a scaled design that shows them exactly how the mural will look before it’s even painted. Our artists don’t paint until we have approval. 


We are inspired by the growth we are seeing in the street art culture and the opportunities that are expanding for dedicated artists like us. Our hope for the future is to continue to contribute the layers of paint that currently cover this world and to rub shoulders with people that believe art plays a meaningful part in humanity. 


When it comes to art, we mean business.  

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