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Over 450+ Murals Painted



Transform Your Space with Custom Street Art Murals

Any style, anywhere, we can paint it.

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Bring your ideas to life with handpainted artworks.


We couldn't be happier with the amazing and life-like images Urban Art created for our centre! Urban art is professional and top quality. I give my highest recommendation. Thank you so much Urban Art!


Urban Art painted a live graffiti mural at our Christmas party and the artwork was amazing and right on brief. Easy to communicate with them and fast turnaround! Very happy with the team and would highly recommend their service.

The team at urban art have provided me with exceptional service, and the whole process was made so streamlined and easy. The end result a work of art that is out of this world, would highly recommend their service to anyone that is after large scale modern edgy murals !



Our artists work one on one with you to deliver

a custom piece of artwork, tailored to your vision.

Hire a graffiti artist in Sydney
Hire a street artist in Sydney
Hire a urban artist in Sydney

Our artists are ready when you are.

Custom artwork at your fingertips.



Australian Artists - Graffiti and Mural Artists For Hire

Are you on the hunt to book a mural, street or graffiti artist for your mural project based in Australia?

Urban Art Australia designs and paints custom hand-painted street art murals for businesses, brands and homes in the all the major cities around Australia. We have artists based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. No matter where your walls are or how big or small your art project is, our artists can paint it for you.

Any Mural, We Can Paint It!


Our team consists of Australia's best mural artists and graphic designers and as a result, we can produce and paint custom artwork in any style, to suit any wall or space.

We handle every aspect of your street art project making the process of finding an hiring an artist fast and easy! With over 20 years experience in the creative industry, rest assured you have found the right artists for your mural art project.

Artist for Hire - Over 450+ Murals Painted


Yes, you read that right, our team have painted over 450 custom murals using our collective skills in creating mural art, graffiti art, and street art that leaves spaces more beautiful than we found them. Our teams focus has always been creating artworks that transform spaces into artworks that can be enjoyed for countless years to come. From residential homes to large-scale public walls, our artists deliver on time, within your budget, and with the quality you would expect from professionals in the industry!

Since our birth in 2014, We have painted a huge number of murals using our skills and knowledge of the street art scene in Sydney and beyond. In this time, our artists have painted walls for a variety of clients and in doing so we have painted a vast portfolio of Brand Murals, Corporate Murals, School Murals, Cafe Murals, Gym Murals and this list is always growing! We pride ourselves on being the industry leaders of custom mural art and that has come about through a passionate connection to the entire art making process. If you have your eyes on a wall that could use some life and colour, our team would love to hear about it!

Urban Art Australia - Our Services

Our service is simple, we design, plan and paint custom murals for homes, businesses, brands and schools. We chat with you about your ideas and vision, create a brief, then design artwork that is in alignment subject to your approval. No matter what style you like, our artists can paint it for you with the attention to detail you would expect from the best in the business! We hand every aspect of the art making process, offer affordable pricing and work with clients around Australia to deliver that absolute best hand-painted murals.

Sydney Street Artist Hire - Custom Mural Art

Looking to hire the best mural painters in Sydney to bring your space to life with a stunning street art mural? Well... you have found what you are looking for! Our team of talented artists specialise in creating mural art, graffiti art, and street art just they way you want it. 


Our team shares a passion for creating murals that capture the ideas and art style you desire. We consider all aspect of each unique project to ensure we get the best result for the space or wall we are working with. For murals inside or outside, big or small we have the years of knowledge and skill to create artworks that tell a story and inspires those who take a moment to stop and look.


Our reputation for quality mural art now has us recognised as Sydney's leading provider of custom street art. Our experience, skill, and unmatched creativity make us an easy choice for your mural project and custom art needs. 


If you're ready to transform your space with stand out mural art, graffiti art, or street art, contact us today to kickstart your project with Australia's best street artists. 

Book a Graffiti Artist in Sydney or Melbourne


Urban Art Australia makes the task of hiring graffiti artists, mural artists and street artists easy. We are an artist lead collective dedicated to producing the very best hand painted custom mural artworks. We understand the business of art and handle end to end project management. Our artists specialise in custom graffiti murals and artworks for schools, homes, gyms, offices spaces, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, absolutely anywhere! We have everything you would ever need when it comes to finding the right artist and the right artwork all found in the one place!


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Street Artists
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Mural Artists
Graffiti artist painting mural artwork
Graffiti Artists

Street Artist Hire in Sydney | Mural Artist Hire in Sydney | Graffiti Artist Hire in Sydney 

Wall Artist Hire in Sydney | Urban Artist Hire in Sydney


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