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Hand Painted Murals - How it works

How it works

Graffiti mural of a cow paint by Sydney street artist on building

Getting a mural painted.

Urban Art Australia offers a complete mural service with an in-house design team and a crew of talented mural artists that paint walls Australia wide. No matter what your preferred art style or subject matter is, our artists create custom artworks to suit your specific needs.

Whether you're a major brand, business owner, school manager, or homeowner, we're dedicated to transforming your ideas into murals that get people talking.

Here is a quick overview of the process: 

  1. Share your project details with us.

  2. Discuss ideas and receive a price quote.

  3. Create a brief aligned with your vision. 

  4. Design phase and approval process.

  5. We paint your mural!

Our design process is simple...

Graffiti mural design sketch

1. Vision & Brief

We start by discussing your ideas and capturing your vision through a detailed design brief. We offer creative advice and design references that serves as a starting point for this collaborative process.

Digital artwork of a graffiti mural illustration

2. Artwork Draft

Once the brief is approved, we create your artwork draft, including all requested elements. The artwork is then presented for your feedback, with a commitment from us to make any desired adjustments. 

hand painted mural in vape shop in Sydney

3. Hand Painting

Now that you love the design it's time for us to bring your wall to life by hand-painting your mural artwork. Have faith knowing that Australia's best mural artists are on the job. We get it right, every single time. 

Ocean sunset scene painting in pool games room in Sydney home

Turn your ideas into artworks.

Take a look at how our artists bring walls to life. We transform our clients ideas into hand painted mural artworks. Our crew of passionate artists can create and paint anything, anywhere, no matter your preferred art style. All you need is an idea and our artists can paint it for you!

Before and after of graffiti art mural painted on building in school playground

What people say about our murals...

Pick a mural gallery.

Street artist painting a mural of the hulk on business wall in Queensland

Our creative process breakdown.

1. Share your project details with us.


Do you have a wall that could use some life or colour? The first step is to share your project details with us like wall size, location, specific timelines, and the ideas you have for your wall or artwork. We have made it super easy to do this, take a look at the link below. 

Click here to provide your project details.

2. Discuss your ideas and receive a price quote:

Now that we have all the necessary info for your mural project, it's time to chat about your vision for the artwork. Based on our shared ideas and conversation together we will then provide a tailored price quote that is specific to your project.

3. Create a design brief aligned with your vision:

Once you've given us the thumbs-up for the quote, we get started on the design phase. This is where our team creates a straightforward and concise design brief, which we'll use as to create your mural artwork. Getting this step right means the best possible outcome for the mural and smooth processes for all involved.

4. Mural design phase and approval process:


With the design brief sorted, our artists get to work creating your custom mural design. Once the artwork is completed, it then undergoes approvals process, allowing for tweaks and adjustments until we achieve final sign-off on the artwork, ready to be painted.

5. Your mural Is hand painted!


We understand the level of trust required to invite artists like us into your space to paint directly on your walls. Have peace of mind knowing you are working with Australia's most talented mural artists how care about every detail big or small! With over 10+ years leading the industry in street art murals, our reputation speaks for itself.

Australian Cockatoo painted a sydney school on playground walls

Need a wall painted? 

It's really simple! Just share your mural project details with us and we will send a price quote straight back to you. Think you need a site inspection? We're happy to do that too. Send us your info so we can get the ball rolling!

Tropical graffiti mural art painted in pool area in home

Some questions we usually get.

Can your artists work with specific themes, ideas, or branding that I want to incorporate into the mural?

Absolutely, our artists are very flexible and can adapt to your art style and theme preferences, ensuring your mural is painted just the way you want it. 

Where are your mural artists located?

Our mural painting crew is Australia wide meaning we have local artists painting in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond. No matter where you are located, our artists can get your wall painted.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

The duration to paint a mural depends on its size and complexity. As an example, a wall measuring 5m wide x 2.2m high typically takes around 2-3 days to complete. Efficiency in our painting process benefits everyone involved, we always work towards quick installation times without compromising the quality we're known for.

What is the estimated cost of getting a mural painted?

We are talking about art here and each mural project is unique. For an accurate price quote, complete our mural quote form, a quick process taking only a few short minutes. Click here to get a quote

Do you have any specific requirements for the wall or surface that the mural will be painted on?

Nope, we can confidently paint on any surface, including unconventional ones like glass!

Can I get a mural painted on a short turnaround?

Yes, we can usually accommodate mural projects that arise last minute. If you have a project that needs to be painted urgently, we are the artists to contact. 

Do I need to pick an artist?

No, you don't have to worry about choosing a specific artist for your project. Our team functions like a skilled trade – much like hiring an electrician to change a lightbulb. Each member of our crew is highly skilled, and possess the ability to paint any design idea or artwork you can think of.

Have your own question? 

We're here to help! If you need answers to a specific query, give us a call. Simply click the 'Call Us' button for immediate assistance on a mobile device or use the number below if your on a desktop. 

PH: 0432 583 161

Graffiti artist standing in front of mural painted in Sydney Cafe


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