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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Street Artist for Your Mural Project


Are you searching for talented street artists to paint your mural project but have no idea where to start looking? Hiring a street artists is a great way to transform your walls or space with a stunning wall mural. Whether it's a mural for your growing business, a graffiti piece for your kids bedroom, finding the perfect artist is crucial to achieving the certain look and feel the artwork you are after. In this blog post, we'll share five essential tips to hunt down the mural artist your looking for to create your artwork just the way you want it. Ready? Let's dive in!

Street Artist painting piano in crowded shopping centre

1. Define Your Art Style:

Before you begin your search to find and hire a street artists, it's important to have a clear idea of what art style and theme you want included in your mural project. Are you looking for a vibrant and colourful mural? Or perhaps a greyscale graffiti art lettering piece? Understanding the specific art style you want will help in your search for an artist to paint your mural. Take the time to look online at diffrent street art, graffiti art, and mural art styles to determine which art styles resonate with your ideas for the project the most. Its always good to save a few images you have found only that you can show an artist later to help them get a better. understanding of what you are after.

2. Research and Explore:

Once you have a clear vision and style in mind, it's time to have a look online at different artists or collectives that can paint your mural. Start by browsing online platforms, such as artist directories, websites, social media platforms, and street art blogs. Look for artists who specialise in custom murals and are able to paint the style your after. Pay attention to their portfolios, previous projects, and client reviews. This will give you a better idea of their artistic capabilities, experience level, and business professionalism. Our team is passionate about custom murals, take a look at our growing mural portfolio.

Graffiti mural of green frog and fragapane flowers

3. Attend Local Art Events and Festivals:

To immerse yourself in the local street art scene and discover a community of talented artists, attending art events and mural festivals is a fantastic idea. These events often showcase the work of various street and mural artists, allowing you front row seat to see their skills firsthand. Engage in conversations with the artists, ask about their process and inspirations, and collect their contact information for future reference should you find a suitable project pop up in the future. Networking at these events can lead to valuable connections and insights into the local street art community.

4. Ask For Recommendations and Referrals:

Word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly valuable when searching for the right mural artists. Reach out to friends, work colleagues, and fellow art enthusiasts who have commissioned artists in the past for projects. Ask them about their personal experiences, the quality of work that was delivered, and the overall professionalism of the artists they hired. Their insights can provide you with trusted recommendations and help you choose the street artists who have a great track record for delivering successful mural projects. As a leading mural provider we have a collection of 5 star Google reviews our clients have left for us!

pink cadillac driving hand painted street art mural

5. Collaborate and Communicate:

When you think you have found the artists you are looking for, this i the time to share your mural project details to get a quote so you have an idea of the costs involved. When sending your info through, this is also a great time to share any reference material, such as images, colour schemes, or specific themes you have in mind. Remember a great listen attentively, ask the right questions, and offer their creative input to enhance the outcome of the mural project. The truth is, we would love to be the artists you choose for your custom mural project, all you need to do from here is get in contact with us.


Finding the perfect street artist for your mural project requires careful consideration and planning. By defining the art styles you like, conducting thorough industry research, attending local art events, seeking recommendations from people you trust, and communicating your ideas effectively, you can increase your chances of finding an artist who will be able to pant your project just the way you want it. Remember, street art, graffiti art, and mural art have the power to transform blank walls into works of art and this is a tool everyone should have access to!

We take all the hard work out of finding the right street artists for your project. We paint inside and outside in any location or art style. If you are looking for talented street artists, you found us! Contact us today or click here to get a price quote.


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