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Browse our growing collection of street art murals.
Our artists paint custom artwork for corporate and private spaces. 

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Looking for professional artists to design, plan and paint you a graffiti mural? 

Then you have found what you are looking for. Urban Art Australia are the leaders in custom street art murals and provide artwork that is on brief and paint with the best art supplies.

Contact our dedicated team today to kick start your mural project!



5 star reviews for murals.png
5 star reviews for murals.png

"I commissioned Urban Art to paint a mural in my home. The process is seamless, my design was exactly what I wanted. Adam the artist assigned to paint my mural is very talented and extremely professional. I cannot speak more highly of Urban Art."

"Urban Art designed a beautiful and perfectly executed mural for a wall in our hotel. They are professional, talented and nice to boot! I would happily work with the Urban Art team on future projects, and would comfortably recommend Urban Art to other businesses and organisations."


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Hire the best Street Artists in Sydney & Melbourne

Welcome to Urban Art Australia, where creativity knows no bounds and artistic expression takes center stage. We are a collective of highly skilled and passionate graffiti artists based in Sydney with a dedication to transforming walls into works of art! If you are on the hunt for talented artists that create custom artwork for any space, you've found us! 

Any Style, We Can Paint It 

Our crew of artists brings a diverse range of art styles and painting techniques when it comes to customisable murals. From bold lines and vibrant landscapes to intricate stencil work and insane photorealism, we have the years of experience to transform any blank wall into a knockout work of art. We understand all the necessary skills of mural painting like colour theory, composition, and spatial awareness, our artists combine these and many other learnt elements to create your mural in a way that will leave lasting impression for years to come. 

Tailored Artwork for your space

We understand that every space has its unique needs and character, that's why we take a custom approach to each mural project we design and paint. Whether you're a business owner looking to transform your shops interior, a community centre looking to liven up a public space, or an event planner looking to inspire and impress with a custom art experience, our artists work closely with you to understand your ideas and direction to bring your walls to life. 

We Collaborate With You

We believe that collaboration is the key to creating exceptional murals that resonate with our clients and their spaces. From the initial chat to the finishing touches on your artwork, we value your input and ideas, actively involving you in the creative process so you have peace of mind we are getting it right. We listen to your ideas, art preferences, and objectives, to ensure that the final artwork is exactly what you were looking for.

Quality Hand-Painted Murals

Quality is the cornerstone of our mural artworks. Our artists only use the highest quality painting materials meaning that our murals not only look the part, but also last the test of time in the Aussie sun. Whether it's selecting the perfect spray paints, implementing protective coatings for finish and durability, our attention to detail means we go above and beyond to create artwork that speaks to why we are the leaders is custom murals. 

Transform Your Walls Today

Ok... Are you ready to transform your walls or space with a custom mural? Our team of rad graffiti artists in Sydney & Melbourne are keen to bring your ideas to life and create a one of a kind artwork you will cherish for years. Contact our team today to discuss your art project, collaborate with our talented street artists, and see for yourself the transformative power of graffiti art in action. Together, we can make your space a stand out work of art.


Urban Art Australia offers the best custom painted street art murals in Sydney!
Our artists are know for creating stunning mural art that adds a unique touch of style and flare to any wall or space. Whether you're looking for graffiti art, street art or mural art we are the artists that deliver quality artworks that leave a lasting impression.

Our team of skilled artists have years of experience painting custom murals in Sydney. We use the best materials to ensure that our murals are long-lasting and can be enjoyed for may years to come. We understand that every one of our clients has different needs and preferences, which is why we listen to your ideas and create a mural that perfectly captures your unique vision.

Mural art is a powerful way for transforming any wall or space. It can turn a bland wall into a captivating work of art that tells a story about your business or brand. Our custom painted murals in Sydney have been painted in a number of settings, including homes, offices, restaurants, schools, and public spaces. We can also tailor your artwork to match your branding and marketing needs, making mural art a great way to promote your business!

If you're looking for custom graffiti art or street art, our artists can paint any style and design you can think of, literally anything! From bold outlines to colourful lifelike artworks, our artists can create a custom painted mural that reflects your personal preferences. Any style, any space, we can paint it.

So if you're looking for an artist to paint a custom mural in Sydney that will transform your space, look no further than our team of skilled professionals. Contact us today to chat about your project and watch us bring your walls to life!


Urban Art Australia makes the task of hiring graffiti artists, mural artists and street artists easy. We are an artist lead collective dedicated to producing the very best hand painted custom mural artworks. We understand the business of art and handle end to end project management. 

Our artists specialise in custom graffiti murals for schools, homes, gyms, offices spaces, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, absolutely anywhere! We have everything you would ever need when it comes to custom murals and artwork all found in the one place!
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