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Graffiti & Street Artist Hire

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Looking to add some life and colour to your space?

Hire a graffiti artist, street artist, or mural artist to create a custom artwork and transform your space. Add a personalised touch to your walls today with a custom street art mural.


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Transform any space into a work of art with the best street artists for hire. Our talented crew of mural artists can paint any style on any wall or surface, creating custom art thats speaks to your desired style and project objectives. We make transforming your space with murals effortless and easy. Contact us for a tailored quote to kick start your project today!

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If you are searching from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or beyond, know that you have found a crew of dedicated street artists who share a common passion for creating custom artworks. With our artists and services available Australia-wide, we have a talented team ready to paint your desired artwork in any style on any wall or space!



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Street Artists
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Urban Art Australia: Leading Hire for Sydney Street Artists

Are you searching around for the perfect Sydney street artist to bring your mural project to life? You found us! Urban Art Australia Sydney's premier choice for hiring talented street and graffiti artists who are epic at what they do and all have a passion for transforming spaces with beautiful artworks. By working with our dedicated team, we take the hard work out of Sydney street artist hire because... we are the artists!

We know The Power of Sydney Street Art

Sydney's street art scene is a dynamic and thriving tapestry of urban creativity. From the vibrant laneways of Newtown to the bustling streets of Darling harbour, the city is brimming with captivating murals and thought-provoking artworks. Sydney street artists are renowned for their ability to infuse life into bland surfaces, injecting colour, meaning, and energy into the urban landscape. With years operating within the Sydney art scene, we are able to bring our skills and experience to people looking to transform their walls and spaces.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Urban Art Australia

At Urban Art Australia, we've seen how street art has transformed what was once a drab space into a stunning work out art. Our crew of highly skilled and versatile Sydney street artists brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique artistic perspective to each mural art project we are commissioned for. We pride ourselves on working with clients to design and paint artworks that not only beautify change the look and feel of the spaces we are working with, but reflect the ideas and vision you come to us to create.

100% Custom Street Art

We know that every client, space and wall is unique, that is why we approach all projects with customisation and artistic flexibility in mind. When you choose Urban Art Australia, you work along side a team of dedicated artists who are committed to understanding your ideas and bringing them to life. Whether you're a business owner seeking to enhance your brand presence or an home owner looking to add a touch of artistic flair to a feature wall, we've got the artists you are looking for. Our street artists can paint a massive range of styles and come from varied artistic backgrounds, meaning no matter what you are after, we have the Sydney crew to get it done right. Our artists create murals that resonates with your target audience and capture all your desired elements. We are confident that if you want it painted, we are the artists that can get it done for you. 

The Process: From Concept to Completion

At Urban Art Australia, we believe open communication are key to a successful outcome from project to project. Our process has been refined to ensure that you are involved at every step, from the initial concept development to the finishing touches on your mural artwork. 


  1. Initial Design Consultation: We start by understanding your objectives, ideas, and desired outcomes for your mural project. Our artists will work closely with you to grasp the backbones of your vision, giving us a head start to create the artwork you are looking for. 

  2. Concept Art Development: Once we have a solid understanding of your design requirements, our artists will begin to create the first version of your mural artwork based on all the ideas we spoke about. We provide designs that are easy to picture on your wall or space so you know exactly what the mural will look like before its even been painted!

  3. We Paint Your Mural: Once we have your approval for the mural design, our Sydney street artists will bring your design to life transferring the design and hand painting the artwork directly onto your wall or space. Although our artists work efficiently, we take our time when painting to make sure the end result looks amazing down to the last detail. 

  4. Final Approval: Upon the completion of your mural, we get you to take a look to make sure you are 100% happy with what you see and if necessary make any final tweaks and changes to artwork. We are all about the smiles and want our impact to be more than just the art we create.



Ready When You Are! 

At Urban Art Australia, we are committed to delivering high quality murals and believe we are only as good as our last project. Our team of Sydney street artists is know for their dedication to custom murals and are passionate about every part of the art making process. If you are ready to pull the trigger on your project, we would love to design and paint it for you! Contact us today and lets make some magic together.

How It Works
We are Australia's premiere graffiti, mural and street artists for hire.
Our artists have painted over 400+ mural projects around
Australia for private and corporate clients. 


Our team of mural artists are here to sprinkle some creative magic onto your walls and into your life! Our crew is made up of a bunch of talented, wild and free-spirited street artists who specialise in designing and painting custom murals. Whether you're looking for an urban graffiti-style mural or a more sophisticated and subtle street art piece, we've got the crew of talent to get t done for you. We take pride in transforming the ideas inside your head into artworks you can enjoy for many years to come!

Our artists are more than just mural painters; they're visionaries who take your walls and space to the next level. Our mural process is fast and easy, we work side by side with our clients to ensure that they are going to love the final artwork our team leaves behind. We love to chat through ideas and create artworks that are in alignment with your proffered art style and desired themes.

At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of crazy street artists who live our passion everyday through the act of creating! When choosing Urban Art, you're not just getting a custom mural, you're working alongside a crew of people who believe you can live your life a little differently than most. Our artists put their heart and soul into every mural project, and we guarantee that your artwork will be a statement that gets people talking! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get painting! Contact us today to for your free quote and work alongside our team of passionate mural artists, graffiti artists, and street artists!
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