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Street Art Mural | Pricing Guide


Get a price for your mural project quickly by clicking the "Get a Quote" button below or giving us a call for ballpark costs.

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1. Project Size: Total Surface Area

The size of your mural plays a significant role in pricing. We begin by measuring the width and height of the you wall or site to painted. These measurements form your wall dimensions, helping us determine the amount of work and resources required to paint your mural project.


2. Design Complexity: The Intricacies of The Artwork

The intricacy and complexity of your desired design contribute to the overall pricing of your mural. Artwork that is very detailed take longer to paint and these extra hours are what is considered when pricing your project. The same considerations are taken for a simple design, we provide fair pricing for each project we are asked to paint.


3. Production Time: Considering the Creative Process

hand-painting street art murals is a labor of love for us. The time required for planning, preparation, and actual painting is a crucial factor in determining the pricing from project to project. Our team thinks about your project and its estimated production time to provide an accurate price quote.


4. Materials Required: Quality Art Supplies

We paint every mural with the best high-quality painting supplies we can buy. The type of spray paints, brushes, and additional materials required for your specific mural project are factored into the pricing. We choose materials that are vibrant and long-lasting under our Australian sun and weather conditions.


5. Location and Accessibility: Navigating the Terrain

The location of your mural project and its accessibility also influence the pricing. Factors such as site conditions, height, and any necessary equipment or scaffolding impact the resources and efforts required to complete the mural. We take these aspects into account to provide you with an accurate quote.


6. Additional Services: Finishing Touches

Beyond the core mural creation, additional services may be available to enhance the final result. These can include protective and anti graffiti coatings and are available upon requests. We are happy to tailor our pricing to accommodate these additional services based on your unique project requirements.


7. Collaboration and Communication: Your Vision, Our Expertise

We value open communication and collaboration throughout the entire mural process. We take the time to understand your vision, preferences, and budget, to ensure that the pricing we provide, aligns with your expectations. Our team is here to guide you, provide insights, and offer suggestions to make your mural journey a delightful and satisfying experience from start to finish.


At Urban Art Australia, we believe that every custom hand-painted mural is a work of art that deserves meticulous attention and care. Our pricing structure takes into consideration all the elements necessary to create artworks that exceeds your expectations within budget. We are committed to providing you with a with the best quotes in the industry, tailored to your specific mural project. Get in touch with us today for a fast, free and easy mural quote!


Our artists paint street art murals that span across the walls of Australia. From the dynamic streets of Sydney to the artistic meccas of Melbourne, the urban landscapes of Brisbane, the captivating scenes of Queensland, and beyond, wherever we are we have a crew of talented artists at the ready to opaint your project.


Our talented team of street art enthusiasts are passionate about transforming walls into works of art. No matter where you're located in Australia, we have you covered when it comes to custom street art in oz. 

Get in touch with our team for any help or answers you need relating to quotes or general questions. 

PH: 0415 226 277
Urban Art Australia / Graffiti Artist Hire Sydney

Urban Art Australia is Sydney's leading custom mural art provider.

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