Mural Pricing 

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Mural Art Pricing

Urban Art Australia is commissioned both privately and commercially for all murals, street art and artwork found on this website. Please keep in mind that price impacting factors vary from mural to mural and our pricing is provided as a general guide only. The quickest way to get an accurate quote for your mural, graffiti or street art project is to complete our online form. Our form is mobile friendly and only takes a few minutes. 

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All prices provided by Urban Art Australia are calculated on some or all of the following contributing factors. 


- Mural Art / Price Calculation -

Generally speaking, most mural projects are measured and priced based on the total surface area of the wall or site that is to be painted. By measuring the width and height of the area we are we are able to determine the total surface area in square meters of your project.

We take the following into account when we provide a square metret rate: Wall Size, artwork/design complexity, Production Time (hours/days), Materials Required, Location and Preferred Production Time – Meaning if production is required to be completed after hours then additional charges may apply.

A custom square meter rate will be supplied for your project based on all the details you have supplied us after completing our simple online form. If you haven't sent us your project details please do so by clicking HERE. 

- Project Size -


Depending on the size of the project we understand that some projects are larger than others and as a result offer a discounted rate once the mural project has exceeded 30m2. Depending on the project, this tailored price will be provided to you upon request. We are happy to consider a greater discount if appropriate. 

Below is our discount structure. The bigger the area, the bigger the discount we are able to offer.

- Mural Discount Structure - 

Projects more than 30m2 - 5% discount 

Projects more than 40m2 - 10% discount 

Projects more than 50m2 - 15% discount 

Projects more than 60m2 - CONTACT US for tailored discount.


Our square metre rates include the following...

  • Aerosol Paint

  • Spray Nozzles

  • General prep Work

  • Artist Fee / Hire

  • General Travel (100km or Less) 


Our square metre rates does not include...


  • UV / Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating

  • Mural Undercoating

  • Equipment / Machinery Hire

  • Excessive prep work

  • Traffic Control / Council Permits 

  • Mural alterations

  • Excessive Travel

  • Unforeseen Factors  

- Concept & Design - 

Design time is not included in the your supplied square meter rate and is charged for separately.

Our supplied design times are based on the time we determine needed to execute your vision effectively. We are happy to work with supplied images and in some cases complete designs if the artwork provided has been sourced ethically.

- Equipment Hire -


Our rates do not include equipment such as a scissor lift, cherry picker or scaffolding that may be required depending on the scale or accessibility of the project. If needed, equipment hire will be included in our formal quote.


All artists using equipment have a valid ticket of use (Elevated work Platform)



- Council Permits & Traffic Control -


Large scale projects may require areas to be blocked off in order for our artist to paint your project. Traffic control and pedestrian management strategies are also something to be considered. We are happy to organise any necessary permits for you or you may obtain them if you wish to so.

If you have any questions about pricing or would like to chat about your project please dont hesitate to contact our dedicated team. 

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