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Over 450+ Murals Painted

Sydney Graffiti Artists, Mural Artists & Street Artists for hire



Looking to hire an artist in Sydney? You found us.

We are Sydney's leading custom mural collective.



Hire the Best Graffiti Artists in Sydney
At Urban Art Australia, we are the pros when it comes to hiring graffiti artist, street artists or mural artist in Sydney. We are committed to bringing your creative ideas to life through the vibrant and captivating artform of graffiti art murals. We are the premier choice for graffiti artist hire in Sydney, we take immense pride in delivering the absolute best murals and talent available right now on the streets of Sydney!

Artists born from Sydney's Graffiti Art Scene

Sydney's graffiti art scene is an ongoing public display of raw expression coming straight from the streets. From the graffiti covered lanes of Newtown to the iconic murals of Surry Hills, our city has been the urban canvas for artists to explore the depths of creativity and share a message in a public setting. Coming straight from this scene, we are a collective of graffiti artists who understand the creative pulse of Sydney's streets and work to paint and collaborate in ways that remind us of our roots and the graffiti scene many of us came from.

Our Artists Listen - Your Vision, Our Expertise

Every mural we paint is a chance to beautify a space for a brand, business, home or school. In a straightforward creative process, we convert your ideas and concepts into art that perfectly aligns with your original vision. Whether you're seeking to transform a blank wall or add a unique touch of urban flair to an event, we bring your vision to life with the best street artists Sydney has on offer.


Sydney Graffiti mural before and after .png
Why Choose Urban Art Australia?

1. Unparalleled Artistry:

Collaborating with Urban Art connects you to a network of highly skilled Sydney graffiti artists. We bring our years of creative experience and acquired talent to each project, guaranteeing exceptional results for every wall we paint. 

2. Tailored Collaborations:

Every art project is unique. Our collaborative approach ensures that your preferences, themes, and ideas are seamlessly integrated into the final artwork. You'll be able to rest easy knowing our team captured your vision for the project. We get it right, always. 

3. Artistic Professionals:

From the design brief to laying paint on your wall, professionalism and ease of engagement is our guiding principle. Timely project completion, transparent communication, and attention to detail set us apart as leaders in the mural painting industry. We deliver what we promise and people keep coming back!
Vapewave Street Art Mural.jpeg


  • Consultation: We embark on this creative journey by first understanding your vision, the space, and desired outcome for your artwork. 
  • Conceptualisation: Our artists share ideas, blending your inputs with their artistic expertise, ensuring we create the best artwork possible. 
  • Design and Approval: A detailed design is created then submitted to you, open to your suggestions and revisions until you feel it perfectly aligns with your expectations.
  • Execution: The magic unfolds as our artists bring your design to life, using quality materials and unmatched talent.
  • Final Approval: Once the artwork has been painted, we ask you to run your eyes over it for final approval

Work with Sydney's Top Graffiti artists

Urban Art Australia is a collective of artists driven by a burning passion for murals and all things graffiti art. Choosing us connects you with Sydney's premier graffiti artists, a united front that guarantees a successful result for your art project!
Do you have a wall or space that could use our skills? We would love to chat with you about your art project! Contact us at to kick start the creative process.



Transform your space into a stunning work of art with our custom hand-painted murals in Sydney. Our growing team of talented artists specialise in designing and hand-painting mural art, graffiti art, and street art for homes, business, brands and schools across Sydney and beyond!

Our process is simple, we collaborate with you on a design that reflects your desired style and once approved, bring your walls to life by hand-painting it with detailed accuracy. We work with our you every step of the art making process to ensure the end result is the mural you were looking for!

As local artists in Sydney, we understand the unique vibe and culture of this beautiful city we call home. Since our birth in 2014, we have painted walls for a number of diffrent businesses, schools, cafes, gyms, and more, all with a fun and playful attitude that sets us apart from the rest.

If you are on the hunt for mural artists, graffiti artists or street artists in Sydney you have found the best collective in the city, ready to paint! Reach out to us today and lets transform your ideas into artworks!
We are Sydney's premiere graffiti artists for hire.
Our artists have painted over 450+ mural projects around
Australia for private and corporate clients. 



Our artists provide High-quality custom murals using premium painting materials. We paint artworks based on a brief our clients work with us to create.

We pride ourselves on accurate timeframes and execution of approved artwork.​




All artists carry public liability insurance to the amount of 20,000,000, elevated Work Platform (EWP) Certification if needed and adhere to safe work practices and OHS guidelines.


Book an artist today by clicking "Get a Quote"



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