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Realistic cow mural wall art
realistic wall art mural of animal cow
Realistic Cow / Street Art Mural 

We have a team of experienced, talented street artists that specialise in painting realism mural art. For this project, we worked with the team at Brady's Corner Store in seaforth to promote their business, representing the heritage and history of the town and business.


The Brady Family established a dairy farm in the local area that ultimately gave birth to a thriving Sydney community. The clients wanted to pay homage to the success story of the business, through a sophisticated piece of realism artwork that would have a special meaning to the community for years to come. The cow is to signify Brady's efforts since the 1940's. 


Wanting a piece of sophisticated realism art to advertise your business? Urban Art Australia has a team of experienced street artists specialising in realism art and business promotion. Contact us



2018 | Seaforth, NSW, Australia. 

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