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Sophie, Mum and the artist.

Sophie's Ceiling Art / Street Art Mural 

Normally we paint murals on walls, but on this occasion, we aimed our artistic talent upwards. This mural was painted for Sophie, a beautiful girl who was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological movement disorder that affects her muscle control and coordination of movements. Despite this, Sophie has always put on a brave face and with the ongoing support from her family, manages the make the most of every day and treats life as a blessing.


Sophie's disorder means that she spends a large portion of her time bedridden, and as a result was looking up at a blank space that got her mother thinking. Sophie's mother envisioned a beautiful collage, including everything Sophie has grown to love. With the intention of creating a timeless piece of artwork and a helping hand from Sophie's stepfather, a wall was constructed that would be mounted to the ceiling once the mural had been completed. Sophie's mother was thrilled at the opportunity to take part in the painting process, turns out she is a natural! 


Sophie's mural made the news - View Story


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