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Corporate Street Art mural Urban Art
Urban Art Corporate Mural
End of trip mural artwork
Urban Art street art mural Sydney
Corporate Building / Street Art Mural 



We recently spent a couple of weeks right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD, completing a large scale mural for another corporate client. 


This sleek, modern artwork was designed to fit in with the clients re-design of one of Sydney's most well known and favourite buildings. We worked closely with the client throughout the design process to ensure their artwork was exactly as they had envisioned. The mural paid homage to the original building, incorporated into the design. 


This mural was created as a part of a brand new End of Trip Facility, and therefore needed to emulate ideas of health and happiness. We used bright, bold colours to encourage guests and employees to feel happiness, strength and positivity. We used images of bikes, race flags, shoes, watches, weights and the Harbour Bridge to represent the values of the new facility and the local Sydney area. 


Urban Art Australia has worked with major corporate clients on large scale murals and marketing campaigns. Our artists are both talented and professional, and we guarantee our quality of work is of the highest standard available in the Australian Street Art scene. 


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2019 | Syndey CBDNSW, Australia. 

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