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Pink Cadillac kids bedroom mural art
Kids bedroom mural artwork Wollongong
Vintage Car Sunset / Street Art Mural 



Kids bedrooms will always be one of our favourite canvases to work on - seeing their little faces light up when they see their new room is a feeling that will never grow old! Knowing we’ve given kids a daily dose of creativity and wonder through our mural art is a true achievement.


Georgia’s room was one of our favourites to date! Her Mum wanted something timeless, something Georgia could grow up with and love both now as a toddler and into her teenage years.


This design features a pink Cadillac, personalised with Georgia’s own number plate. The sunset and the road trailing off through the mountains create a 3D impression which makes the room look bigger. Georgia and her family were stoked with the outcome and we know she’ll love her very own personal piece of street art for years to come.


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2018 | Horsley NSW, Australia. 

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