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School Demountable Mural Artwork
Black Cockatoo graffiti art Mural
Liar bird graffiti art mural
Seahorse Ocean Life mural art
Swamp Canoe mural artwork
Killalea Beach Mural art ocean view
Education Graffiti Art Murals
School Demountable / Street Art Mural 

Throughout 2018 Urban Art Australia worked alongside over 100 local and international businesses to design and execute street art and mural art projects to effectively advertise and promote businesses. 


Killalea State Park does a brilliant job of promoting recreational activities while keeping the natural environment and its conservation at the forefront of all operations. We were privileged to create a series of artworks to represent this respect for our natural environment to be displayed in the park. 


The client chose some main activities, wildlife and landforms present at the park to be represented in the mural art, with a seahorse, lyrebird, kayaking and the famous 'The Farm' beach, to name a few. 


All panels have been coated in a UV and weather protective coat to ensure the longevity of the artwork. 


Looking for a Wollongong based mural artist to paint your project? Contact us



2018 | Killalea NSW, Australia. 

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