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Dr Seuss book wall art mural
Dr Seuss school wall art graffiti
Public School - Dr Seuss / Street Art Mural 



Our team of artists has had extensive experience working with the Public Education System and schools throughout the country to provide exciting, engaging, colourful and meaningful mural art for hundreds of students, teachers and communities. We plan and design with the whole school community to ensure our mural art reflects the school ethos and history of the community while being fun and engaging to students. 


We recently completed these Dr Seuss themed murals for the students of Busby West Public School. The quotes, while just a fun, simple rhyme from the outside are actually incredibly meaningful and encouraging to young minds who now have the advantage of reading them everyday. We used bright colours to really liven up the previous blank, brick walls to make the school grounds a fun and inviting place for the kids. The staff and students couldn't be happier with the results and absolutely love their new mural art!


Are you a teacher, member of staff, P&C or principal looking to engage an artist

to create a personalised piece of mural or street art for your school?

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2019 | Green Valley, NSW, Australia. 

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