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Underwater ocean street art mural
Turtle mural art by Urban Art
Whale mural art by Urban Art
Underwater fish mural art
Primary School / Street Art Mural 



We have been lucky enough to work with many school communities over the past years. More and more, principals and teachers are recognising the value and contribution art makes to the creative minds of children and to the aesthetics of the playground. 


We recently worked with Woonona East Public School to create a series of realism murals for the school community. We worked in close collaboration with the principal, teachers, parents, and the kids to identify what is meaningful and unique to their community to be represented in the artwork. The themes chosen were the ocean and natural wildlife of the local area, to reflect the values and lifestyle of the community and its surroundings. 


The murals were painted in a realism style to ensure they stay relevant and are to be enjoyed for generations of students to come. 


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2019 | Woonona NSW, Australia. 

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