Street Art Murals / School Murals

Street Art Murals for Schools.


Our team of professional street artists have worked with over 50 schools to provide custom art murals for the kids, teachers and whole school communities of primary and high schools. 


We have extensive experience in working with all stakeholders in school communities to provide custom, personalised art to meet the needs of your school and local area. We understand and respect how schools operate, and appreciate the input of the kids, teachers, executive teams, P&C and broader school community in the process of creating and painting your artwork. 


We absolutely love interacting with the kids and making them part of the mural process - at the end of the day, the artwork is there to brighten the kids day and give them happiness and inspiration throughout their school life. We want them to feel included and have ownership of their custom artwork. All out artists have their current WWC and extensive experience in interacting with kids from our workshop and birthday party services. 

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Urban Art Australia | School Mural Professionals 

Urban Art Australia works one on one with schools and educational facilities to design, plan and paint custom street art murals for any space, in any theme. Our artists take the time to understand what needs to be delivered and tailor the artwork to be a perfect fit for the surrounding environment. 
Our artists paint murals for schools, universities, science labs, cateens, music rooms, art rooms... any space we can create artwork for it. 
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Looking for a Sydney street artist to paint your project? Work with Australia's leading graffiti artists to get your project painted by industry professionals. 


Our dedicated team of mural artists specialise in street art murals for your home or business. We paint art for corporate offices, cafes, gyms, schools, homes and councils.

Get a free mural quote in 24 hours or less! Contact us today!

Urban Art Australia is the industry leader in providing custom street art murals. Hire our graffiti artist for your mural project, either commercial or domestic. 

If you are looking for graffiti artist hire then you have come to the right place! Our street artists design, plan and paint murals across Sydney, Wollongong and along the South Coast of NSW.


At Urban Art Australia, our focus is on delivering a service that is safe for both staff and our collaborators. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our service is unaffected.


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