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Corporate Graffiti Art Mural
Corporate Street Art Mural
Corporate Urban Art Mural
Tyro Graffiti Art Mural in office

Corporate Graffiti - Street Art Mural

It's always good returning to our roots and painting artworks in a Graffiti Style. The artwork was painted as a backdrop for a games room designated for staff to chill out and unwind.

This mural was painted in Tyro's head corporate office in the heart of Sydney.

When designing the artwork, we used the brand colours of Tyro and their values to represent what the company is about and stands for. Our mission was to design and paint and mural that was unique and fun, giving the staff a space to relax and enjoy themselves. 


We left a space on the artwork for the current employees of 2019 to sign their names in recognition of the current staff base. A mural that will immortalise hard work for many years to follow. 


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Mural Location | Sydney, NSW.

Commissioning Client |

Year Completed // 2020

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