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Anzac Memorial graffiti art mural
Anzac Memorial / Street Art Mural 


This memorial mural was painted as a tribute to the ANZAC soldiers, and a great way to communicate the importance of our Australian history to the kids of today. 


School mural and street art can really be used to engage students in so many ways - through fun, positive murals such as Dr Seuss, connection to the local area through realism bushland and native birds, and through a more serious and sombre topic such as this ANZAC mural. 


Art is an effective way to brighten up your school grounds and engage all stakeholders of the community. Having completed over 50 school projects, Urban Art Australia have worked alongside students, teachers, principals and community members to create unique and personalised murals for a variety of school communities and needs. 


Looking for a graffiti artist to paint your school? Contact us



2019 | Dapto NSW, Australia. 

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