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Terms & Conditions

  • We do not promote or condone acts of graffiti vandalism. 


  • All artwork is carried out by professional artists with approval from wall owners. If we are commissioned by a customer to paint a wall, we do so on the assumption that the information we are given is true regarding the rightful wall owner.  If we have been given false information regarding the wall owner this is not our responsibility


  • Once the mural has been completed and handed to the customer, any further applications are done so at the risk of the individual. Urban Art Australia is not responsible for harm or damage that may happen to any artwork during the process of clear coating, framing etc. 


  • We require a 50% deposit for all mural project prior to design and application. Once we have received your deposit and designing has started this amount is non refundable


  • Urban Art Australia uses high-quality aerosol paint, designed for UV resistance. When commissioning an outdoor mural, customers are acknowledging that the pigments will eventually fade over time, if subject to prolonged sunlight. 


  • Once you have agreed on a mural design your materials will be ordered and as a result, changing the design layout will come at an extra cost of both artist design time and materials. 


  •  Our aim is to continue to provide our customers with quality, original pieces of artwork. Please keep in mind that although you may have the original piece, all our artwork remains the intellectual property of Urban Art Australia and may be used for further purposes for example photographed and sold as a fine art reproduction. A copyright agreement can be organised and issued by Urban Art Australia should our clients wish to own the rights to the artwork we have created. 


  • All the images and found on this website are the property of Urban Art Australia and as a result are subject to copyright. Any use of our images without permission may result in legal action.  

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