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Tour De Cure street art mural
Doctor mural Urban Art
Little girl painted in mural artwork
Cyclist in Tour De Cure mural art

Tour De Cure / Street Art Mural 


This large scale mural was painted for the legends at Tour De Cure, a charity organisation that cycles around Australia raising money in an effort to prevent and cure cancer. 


To this day, over 4,500 people have ridden in the Tour De Cure and as a result have raised over 30 million dollars for cancer research, treatment and prevention strategies. 

While touring Australia, the cyclists speak at local schools educating the kids about cancer and how a healthy lifestyle can combat against it. Tour De Cure have funded many of Australia's leading research institutes including the Garvan Insitute, Flinders, University of Queensland and the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth.


The mural's design features 3 key focal points.The first is the cyclist on the right, the doctor on the left and the little girl in the middle. The idea is that the cyclists ride to raise money for the research conducted by doctors, that ultimately help to prevent or cure cancer. 


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2017 | Seaforth, NSW, Australia. 


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