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Laneways | Street Art Project

" Transforming forgotten laneways into stretches of Street Art "



We are currently collaborating with the Port Kembla community in an effort to rejuvenate its tired, forgotten laneways. We aim to transform the laneways of Port Kembla into stretches of street art and with the help of talented artists, we are doing just that.  


We see Port Kembla's artistic potential and how we can create a unique attraction point that will ultimately strengthen the bonds of community engagement. 


Together we aim to create an artistic environment, decorated with the artworks of selected artists that believe in what we are trying to achieve together. 


The 'Laneways Street Art Project' can only be achieved with the ongoing generosity of our wall donators and the talented artists who paint them. 


Port Kembla's laneways are currently transforming into a showcase of vibrant street art. 


This project is currently in collaboration with Wollongong Council. 



How it works. 


1. Apply to paint


Submit an online application to participate in the Project.


2. Pick a Wall 


Once your application has been approved pick a wall you would like to paint. 


3. Paint the Laneway


Work your magic and paint your contribution to beautifying Port Kembla's laneways. 








  • All artists must have public liability insurance (Certificate of currency will be requested) 


  • Once your artwork has been completed, no alterations to the wall will be made without contacting UAA directly.  


  • Artists will be required to sign a media realise for their artwork and its process. 


  • Artist are to adhere to any safety requirements and guidelines.


  • For complete terms and conditions please contact us directly.







How it works.


1. Donate a wall. 


Donate a wall you have the authority to hand over to the project.



2. Artists will apply to paint it.


Artist expresses interest in painting your site to which you will be sent a link to their online portfolio for approval. 



3. Wall is painted. 


Once you have selected an artist they will work their magic and transform your wall. 







  • If you lease your building you will need to get in contact with its respective owners before you express interest in donating a wall to the project.


  • Once the artist has painted his or her project the wall is not to be altered in any way unless UAA and the respective artists have been notified. 


  • Walls are donated for a minimum period of 12months unless the property is vacated or sold. 


  • For complete terms and conditions please contact us directly.​​



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