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Science mural art in School
Mural painted in STEM Room
Space wall art in school
School mural art on door
Classroom mural artwork for kids

Science Classroom | Mural Project 

Welcome aboard!! 


What was once a classroom at Kiama Public School is now an intergalactic space station and the students are ready for launch! This room serves as a creative space for the children the realms of space and science.


The school reached out to us to reinvent their current learning space...

and with a coat of paint, the Innovation station was born. This mural was designed and painted to interact with the architecture of the building and the installed appliances within in it i.e the smart tv. This new space invites its students to dream a bigger dream and take part in deep space exploration. 


A friendly reminder to all students,  space suits are now mandatory.


Looking for a way to inspire your students? 

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