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Artist | Ayjay

Title | 'Sacred Heart'

Medium | Spray Paint on Canvas


A subject that was chosen not for religious views but as a chance to reintroduce a classic depiction of one of the most recognisable faces on earth. This artwork is one of the most complex pieces Ayjay has painted and to this day remains one of his all time favourites. 


The artwork was incorperated into a mural painted for Ayjay's first street art exhibition ‘Raw Spirit’ in 2017. The artwork was originally intended to be painted just on canvas but as inspiration would have it, Ayjay continued onto the surrounding walls of the gallery. 


A beautiful piece of artwork for the home or office. 

Jesus Christ - Original Canvas Art

    • Hand painted and signed by Ayjay
    • Premium Quality Canvas
    • Ready to hang


    Artwork Dimensions - 48" x 48" 

    This artwork is an original piece and has been hand painted by Street Artist Ayjay using only aersosol spray paint.

  • Our displayed price does not included delivery, howerver we can organise this for you if you are unable to pick up. Delivery will be calculated seperatly depending on the location of the drop off.

    For more info please email us - 

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