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Artist | Ayjay

Title | 'I am' 

Subject | Alan Watts 


"I often listen to the words and wisdom of philosopher and mystic Alan Watts. Whether I’m painting or pondering, the chance to think of life in an abstract nature and play with the meaning of what it’s actually like to be alive is the stretch in consciousness I am always hunting for." - Ayjay


“We do not come into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.”

  – Alan Watts | 1915 - 1973


A beautiful piece of artwork for the home or office. 

Alan Watts - Original Canvas Art

  • To ensure your artwork arrives safely, we can organise delivery if you are unable to pick it up. Please note due to the size of this piece delivery will be calculated seperatly depending on the location of the drop off.

    For more info please email - 

    • Hand painted and signed by Ayjay
    • Premium Quality Canvas
    • Ready to hang


    Artwork Dimensions - 48" x 48" 

    This artwork is an original piece and has been hand painted by Street Artist Ayjay using only aersosol spray paint.

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