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preschool street art mural
Dinosaur mural painted at preschool
Prehistoric dinosaur mural Urban Art
Raptor dinosaur mural artwork

Preschool Dinosaur / Murals & Street Art

This prehistoric mural was the second project we completed at Shellharbour City Children's Centre. Our artist construction the wall from scratch using a number of plywood boards that were attached to the existing colorbond fence. 

The mural features a prehistoric theme with various dinosaurs that once existed on the very ground we walk on today. A complete aerosol medium was used to create this exterior mural and after many hours of hard work, we managed to paint a true tribute to these creatures of the past.

We returned the following day to get some photos of our completed project and was greeted with a group of kids screaming "DINOSAURS, YAY!!"

One of the most rewarding experiences as a professional artist is seeing the joy and excitement artwork can bring to people.


 To all the staff and kids of Shellharbour City Children's Centre...

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