Amalfi Coastline _ Poolside Mural
beautiful poolside mural of Italian landscape
Street Art Landscape mural project  Italian painted
Street artist in action painting mural Urban Art
Neon like poolside mural project Urban Art

Outdoor Pool Area / Street Art Mural 

This mural was painted for a couple who travelled over to the Amalfi coast, wanting to bring a piece of their memorable holiday home with them. We designed the mural with the intention to amplify the colour that is typically found amongst this well-known Italian landscape. 


This mural project was painted with an incredible amount of detail and includes over 150 town house's, all complete with doors and windows. The artist created the mural using a mixture of free-hand aerosol skills and stencil work. The mural was a stack of fun to paint and despites its challenges, we are so pleased with the final result. 


This mural is now a beautiful addition, to a stunning family home. We managed to get some shots of the mural at night with the pool lights on and well... we think the image speaks for itself.  


Why travel to overseas?


Create a paradise in your own backyard.  

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