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Wollongong Street Art Mural

Doctors Surgery / Mural Artwork 

This mural was a collaboration between our artists and the doctors of Wollongong Surgical Associates.

After repeated graffiti attacks, the Wollongong surgery was looking for an effective graffiti management strategy that would minimise if not eradicate graffiti vandalism.


After visiting the site, we recognised a solution to prevent the likelihood of another targeted graffiti attack. A solution that would provide life and colour to a visible space located on Crown Street, Wollongong.


We all agreed that with the recent arrival of Wollongong's private hospital a medical-themed mural would tie in nicely with the surrounding environment.  


We started work, spending the next few weeks building a wall to create the ideal canvas for our mural artwork to be applied to. After a few long nights and a heap of support from the local community, we managed to paint a mural that has now become an iconic work of art. 

Our mural made the media - SEE FULL STORY


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