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Sandstone courtyard mural with vines_edited
sandstone action flick 3_edited
Sandstone mural left_edited
Sandstone mural right wall_edited
Sandstone light painted_edited
Sandstone mural vine close up_edited
Sandstone mural front on view_edited

Sandstone Courtyard / Street Art Mural


We transformed a fibro wall into a stunning sandstone themed mural, creating an effect of realism. Each brick was measured to exact dimensions and painted as a real wall assembly would take place. We even applied a fresh coat of paint to the existing light fittings to tie in nicely with the new mural artwork.


It’s amazing the difference this mural has made to the ambience of this outdoor area. This artwork has turned what was once an unnoticed wall into a beautiful living space the family and visitors can now enjoy.


Aerosol Artist -  Anthony Jones


Our aerosol paints are UV durable and stand the test of time against the harsh Australian sun.

We use quality materials for a professional finish, every time.


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