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Canvas Art / Urban Art


Create art just the way you want it.

Any size and style to suit your space. 


Looking for a professional artist to paint your custom canvas artwork? 
Urban Art Australia provides you with quality artists that will design and paint your canvas artwork. 
We typically paint canvas artwork for spaces such as... Corporate offices, Workspaces, Bedrooms, Feature Walls, Entertainment Areas and many others. 
Urban Art Australia has been creating custom canvas artwork to the public for years using aerosol paints to create our famous one of a kind look. All the canvases we use are the highest quality and are ready to hand when they are picked up or delivered. 
Our artists have spent hours experimenting with colour and paint to nail the aesthetic outcome we are so proud to call our own. At Urban Art Australia, it is our aim to help make the process of commissioning quality artists an easy one. 
Our artists are ready to paint and welcome new styles and artistic directions. 
Contact us for your free quote today. 
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