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Albert Einstein / Mural Artwork

After months in design and over 40 hours at the wall, this abstract take on Albert Einstein is now complete. This mural is a true tribute to one of the greatest minds of our time. The final design incorporates a visual representation of the street address; 74 being the street number and Albert Einstein being used as this business is located on Albert Street in Corrimal, NSW.

With a helping hand from business owners Tania Morsman and Asaf Dresler, we managed to complete this mural, while giving them the opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to paint an aerosol Mural with UAA artist Anthony Jones.

#74ALBERT Is the Illawarra’s first drive through healthy eatery. They create tasty food made from base ingredients. They practice the traditional artisan method of sourdough making to create their breads and bagels, that are unlike anything you have ever tasted.

If you find yourself in Corrimal and would like to grab a healthy bite to eat and take a look at our latest mural project, head over to 74 Albert Street… you won’t be disappointed.

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