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How it works / Mural Art Process


Learn the process of hiring artists to paint your mural project. 
This is how we do things around here : )


Step 1: Share Your Ideas & Get a Quote

Let's kick things off by gathering all the important details about your mural project. To make this super convenient for you, we've put together a quick and easy quote form that covers all the necessary information we need to provide you with a accurate quote. Once you've submitted your project details to us, we'll send you a competitive price quote for your approval.

Once the quote has been approved, it is now time to delve deeper into the design elements of your artwork. We'll create a clear and straightforward brief that reflects your vision that demonstrates we truly understand what you're aiming for.

Step 2: Artwork Design & Confirmation

Now that we're aligned with the design brief, our talented artists will dive into creating a draft concept of your mural artwork. All designs we provide, are incorporated in with a photo of your wall or space, allowing you to easily visualise what the mural will look like once completed. 

All designs we submit to our clients go through an approval process. This ensures that you can rest easy, knowing that the final artwork is in full alignment with the creative brief we have made together. 

Step 3: Bringing Your Artwork to Life

Here comes the fun part, watching your mural artwork come to life! We have been painting murals for over 20 years and harnes these years of skill and aquired knowledge 

Once your artwork has been completed we ask for one last approval from you to ensure you are completely wrapped with the final artwork!
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